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Syrian Rue \ Peganum harmala Wholesale Order

We offer our Peganum harmala wholesale opportunity to Registered Companies, Ethnobotanical Shops and Business Customers all over the world.

Semi-wholesale opportunity is also available for individuals interested in bigger quantities of Peganum Harmala seeds.

We supply Top quality, less plant material, newly harvested hence higher alkaloids Iranian Peganum Harmala seeds.

Wholesale orders are from 50 KG up to 500 KG with outstanding prices plus Free Worldwide Shipping.

Semi-wholesale orders are in 10KG, 20KG (Shipped in 2x10KG parcels) and 40KG (Shipped in 4x10KG Pacels) with discounted prices plus Free Worldwide shipping.

We can offer fast air-shipping TNT Express or regular Air Mail for most countries, for our US wholesale customers we ship with Priority Mail International.

Moreover, We have extra discounts for Ethnobotanical Shops specialized in “Harmala freebase extraction and products”.

We are not responsible for any duties, taxes or other associated import fees that your country may impose.

Fill out the following form to receive our wholesale prices and further info.